Matthew J. Beier is a novelist, screenwriter, video producer, and visual artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2012, Matthew published his first novel, The Breeders, and in 2014, he began publishing his seven-book Jonathan Flite series, which thus far includes The Confessions of Jonathan Flite, The Release of Jonathan Flite, and The Rise of Jonathan Flite. In 2003, he attended film school at Chapman University, where he studied screenwriting, film production, and English before spending a final semester abroad at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. When Matthew isn’t working, he enjoys drinking tea, exercising, watching films and streaming television shows, and spending time with his friends and family. He’s currently hard at work on the last four books of the Jonathan Flite series, along with multiple TV and film scripts. He would love to hear from you via email at, on his Facebook author page, on Twitter @MatthewBeier, or on Instagram @matthewjbeier. You can also join Matthew’s exclusive Patreon fan community at