They choose to run.

“Tense, dystopian thriller . . . Unforgettable.” – Publishers Weekly

“This heart-wrenching story is filled with passion and inspiration. It will truly be an engrossing read.” – The Advocate

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Breeders_Cover_250xpThe homosexuals, once an ostracized social minority, have taken over the world.  They understood the dangers of an overpopulated planet, usurped government power, and created a culture of perfectly engineered families.  But Grace Jarvis and Dex Wheelock are heterosexuals—part of the government’s highly controlled backup plan for reproduction—and they have a problem:

Grace is pregnant.  Dex is the father.  It is a crime that has only one consequence: banishment to the Antarctic Sanctuary, an isolated biological reserve where reproductive criminals are allowed to exist in peace, without disrupting the rest of civilization.  There are rumors that genocide has already begun and the homosexuals are finally setting natural breeders on a path to extinction, which leaves Grace and Dex with only two choices: to succumb to the tyrannical regime, or run.

They choose to run.

Matthew J. Beier’s debut novel tells the intimate story of two people bound by the force of life itself as they set out to protect their unborn child and find value for themselves in a world that has rendered them worthless. This rainbow-tinted reflection of our own society—part political satire and part dystopian thriller—is a novel you won’t want to miss.

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Op-ed: Rethinking the Shame Game

This past Wednesday, The Advocate ran an op-ed I wrote regarding the inherent flaws in the concept of LGBT people slinging back hate and shame at those who do the same to them. While The Advocate added an incredibly misleading subtitle about “turning the other...
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The Confessions of Jonathan Flite: FREE 50-Page Preview!

I’m thrilled to share with you the first preview of my upcoming novel, The Confessions of Jonathan Flite! It’s the first in an explosive new YA/Adult crossover series that deals with the global clash—and eventual meeting—of science and spirituality. The...
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Thank you to THE ADVOCATE!

Last Wednesday, I got an email from David Artavia of The Advocate. I had been in touch with the magazine’s editor in chief last year regarding my novel The Breeders and possibly writing something for them, but I thought I had stupidly burned a bridge by letting...
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The Rub With Paper: POD, Print Runs, Trade Discounts, and Returns

We all have a dream of seeing our books in print, right? It’s an exciting time to be a writer, and you now have more options than ever before in publishing high-quality hardcovers or paperbacks. But with them comes an array of details you should be aware of prior to...
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5 Things To Do Before Publishing

If you are reading this blog, chances are you’ve written something, and you want to pursue publication. But here’s some advice: don’t jump in right away! If you are hoping to earn credibility as a writer, there’s a lot you can (and probably...
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Self-Publishing Questionnaire/Checklist!

Here is my official checklist/questionnaire for self-publishers at any stage of the game. Don’t let it overwhelm you! You don’t have to consider all these things at once, and you can simply use this as a roadmap. Having been through this crazy experience,...
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A Matter of Life

I’m writing this post as something rather incredible is happening just down the street. Right now, I have a beautiful new niece being prepared for her first trip into the wider world—out of the hospital and off to her new home. She is wrapped in blankets and...
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I just took a iPower walk. To be frank, I’ve been on the brink of total seam unravelment. I’ve been overworking myself, dealing with personal stuff, and trying like mad to set the stage for future (and total) self-employment. Apart from my day job, the book work, the...
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It All Ends

I just spent the last hour trying to write a post about Harry Potter, chronicling my experience over the past ten years and sharing just why oh why it was so special to me. But the post didn’t work. It fell flat. It was so utterly personal that there was no...
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The Good Stuff

It’s Oscar season again! Which means it’s also the time of year I ponder just why the hell does art matter, anyway? I love the Oscars. I usually cry one to five times throughout the crazily rehearsed and orchestrated ceremony, despite the underlying...
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