Meet Jonathan Flite.

“A genre-defying series…Beier’s narrative range is formidable, weaving a tapestry of multiple characters and plot tributaries…[His] engrossing storytelling leaves many questions intriguingly unsettled.” – Publishers Weekly

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They choose to run.

“Tense, dystopian thriller . . . Unforgettable.” – Publishers Weekly

“This heart-wrenching story is filled with passion and inspiration. It will truly be an engrossing read.” – The Advocate

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From his “genre-defying” Jonathan Flite series to his controversial and polarizing The Breeders, Matthew J. Beier’s novels will challenge the way you view the world.

The Confessions of Jonathan Flite

Jonathan Flite, a convicted juvenile delinquent, was born with memories he can’t explain. Now, a world renown celebrity atheist will stop at nothing to stop him from sharing them with the world.

The Release of Jonathan Flite

Book cover design and interior typesetting can be challenging, especially for custom jobs. Matthew’s 5+ years of experience can take the work out of it for you.

The Breeders

Homosexuals, once an ostracized minority, have overtaken the world. Backup heterosexuals Grace Jarvis and Dex Wheelock, having illegally conceived a child, have only one choice: to run.

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The Confessions of Jonathan Flite: FREE 50-Page Preview!

I'm thrilled to share with you the first preview of my upcoming novel, The Confessions of Jonathan Flite! It's the first in an explosive new YA/Adult crossover series that deals with the global clash—and eventual meeting—of science and spirituality. The story, set...
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Thank you to THE ADVOCATE!

Last Wednesday, I got an email from David Artavia of The Advocate. I had been in touch with the magazine's editor in chief last year regarding my novel The Breeders and possibly writing something for them, but I thought I had stupidly burned a bridge by letting my...
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It All Ends

I just spent the last hour trying to write a post about Harry Potter, chronicling my experience over the past ten years and sharing just why oh why it was so special to me. But the post didn't work. It fell flat. It was so utterly personal that there was no possible...
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